Offering unique, tailored support to subcontractor-based businesses and SMEs.

logo Unico 3 provides outsourced expertise in accountancy, administration and subcontractor support that can help fuel growth and drive your business forward.

We bring peace-of-mind that the legalities of subcontracting are in-hand, as well as streamlining processes for time and labour saving benefits.

Our professional advice, practical support and customer-focused approach help our clients’ businesses become compliant, efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Service packages are tailored to fit your business needs precisely.

Our Services

Our service packages are tailored to fit your business needs precisely. These can include:



Our expert accountancy team not only ensure your financial accounts and tax records are in order, we work beyond the figures to help you manage cash flow and plan for greater business success and development.

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From quoting and customer liaison to credit control and record keeping, our flexible administrative support is reliable and affordable, ensuring your day-to-day business operations run smoothly whatever the size of your organisation.

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Our unique support packages help organisations that frequently use subcontractors, to be completely compliant with all regulations. The versatility of our system means we can tailor our support to suit any subcontractor-based business model.

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