Why Unico 3?

Together, Jane and Rebecca form a formidable team that offer an impressive range of customised support packages to businesses large and small, with the overarching aim of alleviating stress and facilitating development.

Busy managers and company owners can tap into their team’s expertise across one, or all of their specialisms in administrative support, accounts and subcontractor compliance and be assured of a professional and productive relationship that will help their business thrive.

Their insight into the challenges business owners face, developed throughout their careers working with organisations from SMEs to global corporations, has enabled them to hone their practices to offer exactly the right support to improve operations and yield tangible results.

About us

image Team Members

Our team help our business thrive, we pride ourselves on our high quality of customer service, outstanding accuracy and continuous personal and business development, meet the people who make the difference at Unico 3.

image Directors

Finance Director

Jane Barker

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Working with a wide variety of businesses and entrepreneurs
Favourite Quote: If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.
3 Words to Describe Jane: Motivated, Reliable, Confident

Managing Director

Rebecca Dean

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Supporting customers to help them achieve business growth
Favourite Quote: If you can dream it, you can do it
3 Words to Describe Rebecca: Ambitious, Creative, Focused

Operations Director

Jane Weaver

Favourite aspect of Her role: Seeing the team grow in confidence and ability, like to see all the smiles at Unico
Favourite quote: You are the sum of your 5 closest friends
3 Words to Describe Jane: Inquisitive, Enthusiastic, Sociable

image Accounts

Lead Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser

Nasir Rasheed

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Working with companies and individuals to make sure they pay the right amount of taxes and taking stress away so they can grow their businesses
Favourite Quote: If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls you
3 Words to Describe Nasir: Motivated, Reliable, Passionate

Assistant Accountant

Lewis Reynolds

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Helping clients develop their business and financial processes
Favourite Quote: Love the life you live. Live the life you love.
3 Words to Describe Lewis: Committed, Thoughtful, Precise

Assistant Accountant

Hayley Colbourn

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Dealing with a variety of clients, which makes every day different.
Favourite Quote: Every cloud has a silver lining
3 Words to Describe Hayley: Sociable, Hardworking & honest


Sara Goher

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Dealing with a variety of clients which makes work more interesting as we liaise with everyone differently according to their nature of work
Favourite Quote: Determination today leads to success tomorrow
3 Words to Describe Sara: Determined, Hardworking, Innovative

Assistant Accountant

Faye Bennet

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: I never stop learning
Favourite Quote: Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable
3 Words to Describe Faye: Ambitious, Driven, adaptable

Assistant Accountant

Conor Bentley

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Expanding my knowledge, progressing myself, and working alongside a highly educated and ambitious team
Favourite Quote: Treat others how you wish to be treated
3 Words to Describe Connor: Ambitious, Dedicated, Hardworking

image Compliance & Admin

Compliance Support Manager

Luke Dean

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Organising tasks and procedures, creating efficiencies
Favourite Quote: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easily
3 Words to Describe Luke: Easy Going, Persistent, Motivated

Customer Service Manager

Charlotte Saunders

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Building rapport with customers and problem solving
Favourite Quote: Never Say Never
3 Words to Describe Charlotte: Dedicated, Friendly, Reliable

Business Support Co-ordinator

Michelle Weller

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Helping customers feel comfortable and confident that we are supporting them to make the best decision
Favourite Quote: Don’t look back, you’re not going that way
3 Words to Describe Michelle: Organised, Positive, Problem solver

Business Support Co-ordinator

Jorgie Harris

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Working with my colleagues to help support customers
Favourite Quote: It always seems impossible until it’s done
3 Words to Describe Jorgie: Sociable, Hardworking, Positive

Administration Apprentice

Ben Clark

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Working in a team to solve problems
Favourite Quote: We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are
3 Words to Describe Ben: Innovative, Diligent, Committed

image Sales & Customer Service

Sales and Client Liaison Manager

Mike Shaw

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Supporting customers, giving out the correct information so they understand and they make their own choices
Favourite Quote: When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top
3 Words to Describe Mike: Helpful, Good Listener and Enthusiastic

Business Development Manager

Jayden Levitt

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Networking and building relationships with business owners
Favourite Quote: Never wish life were easier, wish you were better
3 Words to Describe Jayden: Kind, Sporty, Extraverted-introvert

Client Liaison Officer

Oana Doltu

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Helping customers with their enquiries, sharing my experience and knowledge so they can benefit the most out of the services we provide
Favourite Quote: Be the change that you wish to see in the world
3 Words to Describe Oana: Ambitious, Diligent, Optimistic

Client Liaison Officer

Kyra Shaw

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Engaging and supporting clients, providing accurate information
Favourite Quote: Don’t lose the moon while counting the stars
3 Words to Describe Kyra: Passionate, Positive, Friendly

image Marketing & Customer Service

Marketing Manager

Adam Jones

Favourite Aspect of His Role: Being creative to show off what we can do
Favourite Quote: Life is a storm. What makes you great is what you do when that storm comes
3 Words to Describe Adam: Confident, Creative, Loud

Marketing Apprentice

Emily Daniel

Favourite Aspect of Her Role: Having the freedom to be creative
Favourite Quote: You’re never fully dressed without a smile
3 Words to Describe Emily: Ambitious, Creative, Bubbly

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