Do I Really Need an Organisation Chart?

  • logo Who's who in your business? internally and externally.

  • logo Do you do everything?

  • logo Do your team and clients know who to ask for what?

We hear these questions asked amongst so many different businesses, and yes it can sometimes seem pointless for small businesses to have an Organisation Chart, but it would save these questions being asked. It's important that everyone knows who to contact for what... and more importantly, that you don't think you have to do everything.

The largest growth businesses all recognise that growth means you must delegate, otherwise you will only ever grow as large as you can hold and will be working 70+ hours a week to do so.

Know your goals and strategy of how to get there - yes, of course things will change, but that's the joy of knowing what path you're on, and then seeking other ways to your destiny along the way.

Nothing stays the same, ever, and if you don't particularly like change, then self-employment may not be an easy ride for you, but if you create your plan and the organisation chart of who in the team does what, from a very early stage, then you can get some balance to grow your business successfully, quickly, and with stability, so it's sustainable growth over a period of time.

Don't try to do everything yourself, and let everyone know who is responsible for what, you will be amazed at how much time this will save everyone.

This does not only apply to your internal team – external business partners are just as important! Identify the key business partners and include them as part of your Organisation Chart – why wouldn’t you? So, when the computers don’t work properly, who do you contact? Do you have an outsourced admin team or HR company? Who works with you on your accounts? Or who is the key contact for your employee benefit scheme if you use one? There are many key partners you could identify, and these are just as important as your internal contacts.

Time is one of your largest assets, so anything that can save you time can make you more efficient, so if everyone knows who to contact by looking at the Organisation Chart, it makes life so much easier.

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