What can you expect from us?

A lot of you, who have only just found our website, are probably wondering who exactly we are, and what it is that we do. Well, let’s answer those questions for you.

Chances are, you are a business that needs that bit of extra support, or you’re the individual who happens to own the business, with an interest in keeping it running smoothly. Of course, it is entirely possible that you stumbled upon this website by complete accident. We welcome you, nonetheless.

  • logo The way in which we help, is completely yours to decide. We can offer a whole range of assistance for you!

Starting with our account’s services; our team of experienced accountants are ready to give advice and guidance surrounding your business’ cash flow. We know how important it is to understand, and we want to make it as seamless as possible. With great communication, and your business’ best interests at heart, our account’s services will ensure that your cash flow finances are organised and taken care of.

Here at Unico, we aim to make your life as easy as possible, which includes the dreaded admin. With meticulous accuracy, and constant reassurance to you, our team takes on the admin burden, lightening your load, and giving you time to focus on your future as a business. By becoming a part of your team, we pledge our time and flexibility to making sure that your paperwork is complete and up to date, so that you can focus on the bigger things.

Your trust in us, means that we can do our best on behalf of your business – even when it comes to compliance. We aim to nurture your growth by dealing with legislation, compliance work, and becoming the first port of call for your subcontractors. And how do you get the important information? It’s as easy as 3 clicks. Our online portal makes accessing these crucial documents easier than it ever has been before. Email address, password, login – and just like that you and your subcontractors can see everything that is needed: anytime, anyplace.

Big businesses, and small – we understand the importance of both. But you didn’t seriously think that was all we have to offer, did you?

For the business that is close to your heart, we can introduce bookkeeping, payroll and NEST pensions, management of your accounts, VAT returns, cashflow analysis and financial planning, business tax returns, and Xero software. The list just keeps going! We’re willing to go above and beyond for you.

Oh! But our services don’t just benefit you!

On behalf of you, your subcontractors get business support, invoices, contracts and agreements, VAT registration, and HMRC liaisons.

We weren’t kidding when we said that your business’ best interests are at the forefront of our thoughts. And the best part? We are so easily accessible! We would happily offer our services.

  • logo While, when driving past, our offices seem small, we can assure you that our heart is big.

  Offering unique, tailored support to subcontractor-based businesses and SMEs.


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